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Leveraging a decade-long friendship and business partnership between the principals, OXYGEN Group financial & business advisory company in Ghana is committed to sharing its collective wisdom, extensive network of contacts and financial resources to build the businesses with which we are associated in the financial services, energy, real estate and social infrastructure sectors.

The OXYGEN philosophy is for group leadership to convert clear vision into action with a great deal of self-belief, establishing clear lines of accountability and then giving directors and associates on our project teams the necessary space to perform. We oversee and guide company projects from inception to development to growth to expansion, creating value for our shareholders and strategic partners in the most capital efficient manner.

With each passing day, the group continually aims to build a lifelong tradition of trust with the Ghanaian community – proving to be more than a savings & loans company. This begins with OXYGEN Finance and OXYGEN Group. That’s why we work diligently with our customers to find the right answers for their individual needs. We know that if we do this well, our customers success will be our success!