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Why OXYGEN Group?
Professionalism, honesty, innovation, performance

Oxygen Group is a limited liability company incorporated to provide professional services across a wide range of industries and sectors.
We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs particularly from emerging economies, non-bank financial institutions, small-to-medium sized entities (SMEs), and multinational corporations to maximize the value of their businesses.

Who We are

Our service proposition includes:

      ✔ Project Management and Technology services   

      ✔ Business strategy development and implementation

      ✔ Business Advisory Services – Finance, Governance, Risk

            Management,Internal Controls

      ✔ Corporate restructuring and organisation

      ✔ Sourcing and Funding for SMEs and other Identifiable groups

      ✔ Leveraging partnerships (JV, Consortia etc) for value creation

      ✔ Promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and

            Responsible Business Conduct (RBCs)

At the very core, we specialize in delivering business transformation solutions – leading businesses and business units to fundamentally change its systems, processes, people and technology.

What We Do

At the center of OXYGEN’s strategic advisory work is ensuring that our services are focused on providing guidance that enhances growth and meets the routine needs of our client companies. A few examples of the Group’s consulting work include: internal audit advisory, revenue mobilization strategies, cost containment initiatives that align with the broader business strategy, profit enhancement, cash flow management, strengthening capital structures and operational turnarounds.

How We Do It

We use the “Oxygen tri-focus” also called the 3H to develop the methods, mobilise our tools/techniques and move into action in concert with our clients;

✔ Method: how we get your work done (Hands)

✔ Toolsets: how we manage your work (Head)

✔ Action: how we affect the behaviour of your people (Heart)

Who We Serve

While our clients range from international and multinational organisations to local entities, Oxygen is unapologetic about our special focus and love for the SME sector given its exciting potentials for Ghana and Africa as a whole.

✔ Our rich list client count includes;

✔ International Development Organisations

✔ Development Finance Institutions

✔ Financial institutions

✔ SME hubs

Where We Work

We currently have our footprint spread throughout Ghana with clients that include Innohub Ghana Ltd, RDF Ghana, EYJ Limited, Mercton Resources etc. We have also collaborated and worked with other international organisations including Mott McDonalds, GIZ (a German Development Corporation), Lixcap Capital and Advisory, CT-Technologies, Africa Experts Incorporated, Bucconi University Adansonia program etc.

What We Have Delivered So Far

Over the years, we have leveraged our diverse skill set to execute the under listed ground-breaking services ‘with’ our portfolio clients;

✔ Rolled out successful innovative revenue mobilisation strategies through a collaborative plan involving a financial institution on one side and a state agency on the other side

✔ Led in preparing and making 4 SMEs grant-ready- They were successful in accessing the funds

✔ Executed commercial and financial due diligence on behalf of International Development Agencies

✔ Served as trusted partners on multiple projects to create and deliver value for all identifiable stakeholders

✔ Advised on the creation of financial and operational architecture of new and existing organisations to enhance efficiencies and extract value

✔ Hand-held entities from the idealization stage through to prototyping to the commercialization stage