Prof. Samuel Lartey

Prof. Samuel Lartey

Director of OXYGEN Group Limited
Samuel is an Investment Banker, Financial Information Consultant and Educationist with profound experience and knowledge in global universal banking, finance, capital markets, project management and social development management. He has held many different leadership positions, and will bring his creative problem-solving and lean management skills to achieve optimum resources utilization and profit maximization to the Advisory group. Samuel holds a PhD in Financial Management and an MBA in Management Information Systems. In addition, he is also a Chartered Project Engineer, adjunct speaker, lecturer, author and external examiner and supervisor.

Samuel’s Professional Affiliations include:

  • Doctoral Fellow, European Institute of Financial Directors, UK.
  • Doctoral Fellow, Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers, USA.
  • Member, Institute of Directors, UK, SA and Ghana.
  • Member, Project Management Institute, USA.

Prior to OXYGEN Advisory, Samuel was the COO of Bullion Investment Group where he was responsible for business operational development and sustainability. He provided value to stakeholders. This included ensuring business, clients operations and financial models were in sync with business sustainability strategies and profit maximization.

In addition, he also structured funding for corporate clients, engaged in trading activities on clients’ behalf, advised on and managed assets for corporates and individuals, structured loans, debts and equity to and for the purchasing of shares of corporates, and assisted corporates in finding other qualified parties for fundraising syndicate dealings. In addition, Samuel provided Business Advisory Services for clients. A few select clients included: USAID-FinGap, Methodist Church Microfinance Project, Methodist Book Depot, Christian Community Microfinance (CCML) Limited, Dangme Rural Bank Ltd. And La Community Bank.

For five (5) years, Samuel also served as Country Project Manager for Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited – the Ghanaian arm of the largest bank in Africa – Standard Bank Group. For seven (7) years, he also was a project director at Barclays Bank Ghana for the Managing Director and Head of Operations. In these senior roles, Samuel acted as a liaison between the office of the MDs and other business units and executives both internal and external. He also oversaw strategic projects that ensured an overall fit with both the Global and African Group strategy. While at Barclays, he led the bank project team to expand the footprint of the bank from three (3) branches to twenty-three (23) branches in less than five (5) years.